Questions About Doula Training

Frequently Asked Questions About Doula Training

Q: Are there any prerequisites, or anything I have to do before taking the course?

A: This is a beginner course – there are no prerequisites! You do not need to have previous birth experience or medical background. All you need is an interest in birth and a desire to help birthing parents.

Q: Do you have any military discounts? Are you a MYCAA-approved doula training?

A: I am a MYCAA-approved doula training! So I do accept MYCAA funds. You can find out more information here.

Q: I live in a different state or country, can I still take the course?

A: Because the course is online, you can sign up for any dates that work, even if you aren’t in that area. The beauty of virtual! We will work together to get you your materials before class.

Q: Will I get hands-on experience?

A: This course goes behind the standard why/when/how to do various positions and comfort measures. Although the course is virtual, it solidifies the lessons you’ll learn through a hands-on learning component done in your own space.

Q. I’m not sure virtual doula training is right for me.

A. Only you can make that decision. I have done almost 100 complete birth doula trainings online and the doulas that leave my classes feel ready to work in birth. We do have times where I ask you to have a partner in the training so that you can practice some of your hands-on skills. I also keep the pace appropriate and change up how we’re learning to include small group work, physical activities, videos, discussions, and more – all designed to help you remember the information and put it to use with your clients. I promise you, this is not a powerpoint heavy snooze fest.

Q: Will you help me find clients?

A: This course prepares you for the business side of doula life, not just the birth event itself. You’ll learn about finding clients, writing contracts, doing doula interviews, and a whole lot more. The course also includes a free lifetime subscription to, a doula listing directory.

Q: Can I bring a nursing baby?

A: It works best if you only have your nursing baby for feedings and they have another care provider to watch them between feedings, but breastfeeding is certainly welcome in class.

Q: Will this certification work in my state or country?

A: Yes! DONA International’s Birth Doula Certification is valid everywhere in the world.

Q: I’m young. Can I attend the training?

A: Absolutely! We’d love to have you, and I’ve even had high school students join us before.

Q: I’ve never had a baby. Does that matter?

A: It’s completely fine – in fact, you’re in good company. About 44% of people who take a doula training course have never had a baby. You can absolutely be an incredible doula even if you haven’t experienced birth yourself. 

Q: Will I be fully certified at the end of this course?

A: This course includes the three classes required for certification (Introduction to Childbirth, Birth Doula Training, and the Lactation for Birth Professionals). After this course, you are qualified to start attending births and charging whatever fee you set. 

To finish the certification, however, there is a bit of reading and some paperwork, and you must attend three births. Then you can receive your certification. 

You will have a lot of support throughout the whole process. I offer weekly virtual office hours, where you can drop in and ask any questions. You also can join our exclusive and vibrant Alumni community and enjoy our monthly speaker series – all included in your original course.

“I wanted to thank you again for all of your time, effort, patience, and organization this weekend. I had no idea that a 3-day virtual training would be so engaging, but I soaked it all up, and you left me wanting even more! You are a natural teacher (and obviously a natural and brilliant doula). Your complete care and respect for everyone, no matter who they are or what their beliefs are or where they’re from, are communicated easily even over a screen. I’m so thankful that you were my doula trainer.”
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