Embracing Military Spouses with Compassionate Doula Training – MYCAA Approved

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From Service to Support: An Army Veteran’s Commitment to Military Families

As a proud veteran of the Army and former Military Police Officer, my journey has led me from serving our country to serving our military families. With over 30 years of experience as a birth doula and more than 25 years as a trainer with DONA International, I’ve witnessed firsthand the strength and resilience that military spouses bring to their families and communities. This is why I am honored to give back by offering MYCAA-funded birth doula training, specially designed to empower military spouses in their pursuit of a fulfilling and supportive career.

Professional Training, Personal Understanding

Navigating military life comes with unique challenges, and as someone who started attending births while in the military, I understand these challenges intimately. Our doula training goes beyond the professional—it’s a commitment to provide empathetic, reliable support tailored to the lives of military spouses. By accepting MYCAA scholarships, I aim to make this career path accessible and affordable, ensuring that the spouses of active-duty military members can acquire the skills they need without financial strain.

Making Education Accessible

The MYCAA (Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts) program is a workforce development initiative that provides up to $4,000 of educational assistance to eligible military spouses. I incorporated MYCAA services in 2023, and since then, have been dedicated to helping spouses leverage these benefits to not only cultivate a career but to create a community of support.

Your Path to Doula Certification

My comprehensive birth doula training, covered by MYCAA, is structured to fit into the unpredictable military lifestyle. With a blend of practical knowledge and compassionate guidance, our program prepares you to support expectant mothers with confidence and care. Whether you’re seeking a new profession or looking to enrich your life with meaningful work, our training is your first step toward becoming a certified doula.

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