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Learn the concrete, actionable steps you need to take to start helping families as a doula.
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You want to help people have a positive birth experience.

You have a passion for supporting others during one of the most important moments of their lives. But you might be feeling a bit lost about where to start. Maybe you’re...

About Me

My name is Robin.

I know how overwhelming it can feel not knowing the next step in becoming a doula.

I've trained thousands of doulas and attended over 1,300 births in hospitals, birth centers, and home births. Through these experiences, I've learned the many ways that birth can happen and what it takes to be the right doula at the right time.

If you are considering being a doula - I can help you learn everything you need to know to build a sustainable doula practice with my online doula training and the support I provide after the course is done.
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In Their Words


A Doula Training That Exceeds All Others

This online doula training program stands out from the rest. You'll receive exceptional training and continuous support to help you grow a successful doula business.

DONA International Birth Doula Training

Gain a comprehensive introduction to childbirth education and lactation for birth professionals. This training covers everything you need to start working as a birth doula, including the basics of business.

Doula Mentoring & Coaching

Receive support for all aspects of your journey, including additional education and ongoing learning. After your training, benefit from weekly support to ask questions and delve deeper into topics.

Continuing Education Courses for Doulas

Keep expanding your knowledge with our ongoing education courses in the alumni community. These courses help doulas continue learning from their initial training, grow their client base, and extend their professional network.

Doula Training Details

What You'll Receive

When you enroll, you'll receive a comprehensive package in the mail with all the materials you need to get started. Additionally, you'll have access to a rich online repository of information and sample business documents like intake forms, contracts, and social media post templates. This course includes:
In addition, you'll receive a lifetime membership to, a listing service that provides you with an immediate online presence. You'll join a warm and supportive educational community of doulas that will continue to uplift and assist you as you grow your business.
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But What About ...

Doula training is an investment in your future. I strive to keep prices down and costs low while still delivering a high-quality course. Yes, it is an investment, but I offer flexible payment plans starting at $199.

In class, we will cover effective techniques to help you find clients. You’ll also receive a lifetime membership to Meet Your Doula, a doula listing site that will serve as your first website to attract clients.

Many doulas manage to work full-time while also practicing as doulas, and some take this training to transition into full-time doula work. It’s entirely possible to build a doula business that meets your financial needs. You have control over how many clients you take on and how much you charge per client. Try the doula fee calculator.


Most Common Questions

No. This is a basic birth doula training. I will provide you with all the materials you need, and no prior knowledge is required.

Yes, they are 100% virtual and held live on Zoom.
This is an international certification.

Yes! You can reserve your spot in a training and get started for just $199. Payment plans are available, and the balance must be paid before the training begins. Trainings scheduled further out have smaller monthly payments. Click on each training date to see the available payment plans. You can also use flexible payment options like Affirm and PayPal Pay Later.

You will receive a certificate of completion right after the training, which means you’re ready to start working and earning money as a doula immediately. To become officially certified with DONA International, you need to attend at least three births and complete some paperwork. This hands-on experience is essential for putting your training into practice. The alumni group and I are available to help you navigate through this certification process.

Attendees who are nursing are welcome to do so during the training. However, I recommend arranging childcare ahead of time. You’ll get more out of the training sessions if you can devote your full attention to the material. Some parts of the training are hands-on and require your participation for completion. I’m happy to provide you with the timing of these sections in advance.

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A doula gives double hip squeezes in the water birth tub


You're Not Alone

If you’re wondering if you can be a doula – if it could work for you. The idea may be intriguing but maybe you’re unsure of:

Those are legitimate feelings and questions!

With my training program, you’ll work hard but with the support of a vibrant community that will help you overcome any obstacles in your way. You’ll walk away with a basic business package and be ready to go should someone want to hire you the moment you’re finished with the class.

Here are just some of the things we’ll cover in class:

Start Your Doula Training Today

This is your chance to change the culture of birth. Build a sustainable doula practice with concrete, actionable steps to start helping families today.