Doula Training Payment Plan

Payment Plans for Doula Training

You do have the option to make a payment plan for the doula training. You simply select the date you want and reserve your place with a deposit of $199. You will be able to make payments in any increment in any frequency up until two weeks before the training. Whatever the balance is will then be due. This allows you flexibility and freedom to pay as it makes sense for you to do. You can simply log into your account and make a payment at any time.

To use this option you do need to be more than two weeks away from the date of the training, so plan ahead. The further in the future the training, the more time you have to make payments. Just pick a date and save your spot!

Failure to pay this will result in the loss of your seat and your deposit.


A doula leaning over a tub of water to do the double hip squeeze on someone in labor.
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