How to Become a Birth Doula

Challenge yourself to learn more about birth and doula work by exploring what it takes to become a confident and sought-after birth doula to help families through birth. A birth doula is a well-trained person who assists families during the birth of their baby. This workshop prepares a person to work as a doula in hospitals, birth centers, and home births.

Let’s talk about some of the things that we cover in the doula training! First of all, you will receive a packet of materials in your mailbox. This includes a doula training manual and many handouts to get you going, including sample business forms like a contract and prenatal information forms to customize to use with your clients. Everyone in the training also receives an item for their birth bag that we use during parts of the training. (Everyone gets something different and it’s a surprise – so I can’t spoil it for you here!)

What You’ll Learn in Doula Training:

  • Doula Business Basics
  • Finding Clients (including interviewing, contracts, and setting fees)
  • Labor Positioning
  • Non-Drug Pain Relief & Comfort Measures
  • Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Family
  • Epidural Anesthesia and the Doula Role in Supporting Families
  • Cesarean Birth and the Doula’s Role
  • How to Become a Certified Doula
  • How to Assist Clients with Information Gathering and Using Evidence-Based Data
  • Introduction to Childbirth Workshop
  • Lactation for Birth Professionals Workshop
  • and much, much more!

What You’ll Receive to Aid Your Doula Journey:

  • Immediate Access to the Doula Training Introduction Self-Paced Course with Supplemental Videos and Information
  • DONA International’s Robust Doula Training Manual
  • Educational Exercises and Hands on practice
  • Lifetime Access to Additional Handouts, Videos, and More in the Individual Class Portal Online
  • Supportive Doula Alumni Community
  • Monthly Office Hours for Additional Support and Questions
A birth doula comforting a laboring person in a tub